INARCH VENETO – I Lunedì dell’Architettura, Treviso

6th November 2006 – Treviso – Third cycle of dialogues on the practice of making architecture between buyers, designers and technicians. With the participation of the president of ASCOM Treviso Mr. R. Salvatori, Mr. E. Pagliani of Agribeton and Mr. R. Forestan of Kalikos International; also Arch. F. Fontana, Eng. T. Bonato and Eng. G. Ranieri Da Re will take part in the event in CENTRO POLIFUNZIONALE DAL NEGRO. Introduction by Michele Franzina (InArch).

INARCH VENETO – ImpresaArchitettura

7th June 2006 – Villa Pisani, Stra (VE) – Contemporary architecture in the market economy: a conversation with the Architect Prof. A. Galfetti, the Sociologist Prof. P. Perulli and the Economist Prof. E. Rullani. Introduction by Michele Franzina (InArch).